Why Is Boost Unavailable on Facebook?

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Boosting a post is pretty easy because you just need to click the Boost post button and set it up according to your goal and budget – and voila! It’s now reaching more people! But note that you must add a payment method because boosting posts isn’t free. The good thing is that you can spend just $1 per day per boosted post!

But as mentioned earlier, there are times when boosting is just not possible. Here are the reasons why, according to Facebook.

Reason #1: You Can’t Boost Posts on an Unpublished Page

If your Facebook page is unpublished, only those who have roles on your page can access it and see the posts. So basically, the Boost post button isn’t available because the page is closed to the public.

Reason #2: You Can’t Boost a Cover Photo

While you can use your cover photo to promote anything (that’s one of the first things your page visitors will see, after all), its primary purpose is to add more personality to your page and make it more connected to your brand. A cover photo isn’t an ad!

Just upload the image as a post and boost it.

Reason #3: You Can’t Boost an Unpublished Post

The purpose of boosting is to make the post appear on the Facebook feeds of those who aren’t your audience. Draft posts are hidden from the public, so no one will see the post even if you set a $1,000 budget per day.

The Boost post button is useless in this case, so Facebook just made it unavailable.

Reason #4: You Can’t Boost a Post That Contains a Facebook Click ID

If you see fbclid= in the URL, that’s the Facebook click ID, and you won’t be able to boost the post until you delete that and all the characters after the equal sign. For example, fbclid=2hdiw7mrir63.

Reason #5: You Can’t Boost Live or Scheduled Videos If Your Page Is Unverified

Having a verified Facebook page has a lot more perks, including the option to boost scheduled and live videos. If your page is unverified, fill out this form and hit Send when you are done.

Make sure your page is authentic, unique, complete, and notable. You can learn more about the requirements to get the verified badge here.

Reason #6: You Can’t Boost a Shared Post or Album

The boost feature exists to help Facebook page owners promote their posts to attract more people to their business or brand. If you boost a shared post, you’re not promoting yourself but the one who posted the post you just shared.

Meanwhile, shared albums and even your albums can’t be shared either. If you want to boost a photo currently in an album, post the picture on your page and boost it.

Reason #7: You Can’t Boost an Expired Post or Offer

Expired posts and offers are basically dead and not applicable to the present situation. Just imagine what could happen if you boosted an expired 25% discount on all products using the code 25DISCOUNT. People would expect to pay less and then be disappointed if the code didn’t work.

You just lost a customer.

Reason #8: You Aren’t a Page Admin, Moderator, Advertiser, or Editor

Maybe you can’t boost a post because you’re an analyst on the page? Or a community manager? Or a follower? Reach out to the page owner and ask them to make you an editor, moderator, advertiser, or admin of the page so you can boost.

Reason #9: Your Ad Account or Payment Method Is Disabled

Boosting posts is a form of paid advertising on Facebook even though they aren’t really ads, so you need to connect your ad account to a source of funds – and make sure it has funds.

Reason #10: Your Page Violates Facebook’s Advertising Policies

Facebook needs to ensure that all the activities on the platform are genuine and won’t cause harm to all Facebook users and Facebook itself. If your page or the post violates Facebook’s advertising policies, boost will be unavailable.


Boosting posts isn’t the same as running Facebook ad campaigns, but their differences aren’t huge. If you want to promote your post to build awareness, boosting is enough.

But if conversion is part of your marketing strategy, you will see better results if you run an ad campaign. The process is more complex, so you may need to work with a professional digital marketer to get the desired results.

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